About Us

Timothy J. Papadatos

  • Mechanical Engineer PWC

  • Energy Inspector
  • Bioclimatic buildings & exteriors design consultant
  • Public Works Constructor
  • General Costructions
  • KNX Partner

A few words about our company..

"T. PAPADATOS - CONSTRUCTION & ENERGY APPLICATIONS" was founded in 2000. With constant presence in constructions, we operated our company mainly in Athens until 2009. In 2010 we moved in Zakynthos Island, where until today we accomplish modern applications.

Our main field are bioclimatic constructions that include a wide range of buildings and installations, as well as technical-energy studies-applications according to the energy development as required today.

We incorporate Renewable Energy Sources and Passive Materials in existing and new buildings with innovative materials, architecturally harmonised to the landscape and the building, while emphasizing in the environment and energy.

Indicatively we mention the following

  • Building's shell thermal isolation
  • Solar energy utilization
  • Environmental temperature utilization
  • Use of cold construction materials
  • Proper shading and building orientation
  • Natural ventillation utilization

  • Our company has participated in several constructions such as:

• Olympic constructions

• Hospitals

• Megastores

• Luxurious Houses

• Stores

• Entertainment Centers

• Public Works

• Renewable Energy Sources