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Buildings produce approximately 40% of worldwide pollution. Energy saving for the proper operation of the existing buildings is multidimensional, as long as with bioclimatic modifications can de reduced from 30% to 90%:

 1. Energy consumption

2. Pollution production 

3. Finincial operative cost

Each building is a unique entity and can be separatelly studied. For every building, either existing or new, there are various suggested modifications.

No device or energy performance system, no matter how much qualitative or expensive it might be, cannot be properly efficient, unless its appliation is indicated. This can only be accomplished with proper study and design of the suggested modifications.

High consumption building installations:
• Heated water
• Heating system
• Cooling system
• Ventilation
• Illumination
• Device consumption


Solar thermal systems for heated water, heating-cooling system operation

Geothermal systems for heated water, heating-cooling system operation 

Heating pumps for heated water, heating-cooling system operation

Automations and operation control for every electromechanological installation
Proper illumination devices according to the room and the natural illumination
Renewable Energy Sources for thermal and electric energy production
Solar chimneys for fresh heated air supplyment
Exterior landscaping modifications (proper green location, cooling areas, cold materials)
Shadings with proper orientation and inclination
Proper materials for exterior landscaping (tiles, walls etc) for the solar radiation adjustment
Proper orientation for new buildings